2 types of plywood usually used to make cabinets

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2 types of plywood usually used to make cabinets

Nowadays, the use of plywood in furniture design is becoming more and more popular and popular because of its outstanding advantages. In particular, the use of closed plywood has been chosen by many people to help bring a modern beauty that is suitable for decorating apartments, villas, hotels, resorts, ...

Currently on the market, industrial wood furniture has many different types, in which closed wood usually consists of two main groups: MDF and MFC wood. The following article we share the characteristics of 2 types of MFC and MDF wood for your reference:

Firstly, plywood plywood closed MFC cabinets

MFC plywood is planted wood, which is a short-term harvest wood such as acacia, eucalyptus, rubber, ... exploited and brought to the factory. In the manufacturing process, people will chopped wood into shavings and then use glue to glue, press to make sheet thickness under high pressure.

The surface of MFC plywood is covered with a layer of melamine that protects and enhances the aesthetics of the product. Besides, this coating also helps prevent scratches, waterproof is very suitable to close the closet. In addition, the surface of MFC panels in single color, diverse colors, rich wood grain or imitation metal will bring unique and impressive beauty for each purpose. Using MFC plywood cabinetry also helps to prevent termites, warping so you can feel secure when using interior decoration for your home.
Second, Plywood is closed MDF cabinets
Material to make MDF plywood is a natural forest tree, then it is crushed, thinly peeled and mixed with flour, industrial wood glue, then processed into standard wooden planks. The advantage of MDF board is that it is resistant to termites, has stable quality, overcomes heavy drawbacks, and is easily warped like natural wood.
Not only that, MDF also has a variety of colors, diverse for you to freely choose to design wardrobe to contribute to the modern beauty and equally luxurious for space.

Above are 2 types of wood that are commonly used to close the closet, which is the most popular choice for families today. It can be said that, compared to natural wood, plywood will save you a lot of costs but still ensure high quality and aesthetics. Not only that, plywood also helps overcome some disadvantages of natural wood, so you can use it to design furniture for your home.

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