5 ways to eliminate mold smell on furniture with plywood

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5 ways to eliminate mold smell on furniture with plywood

During use, plywood furniture often has an unpleasant musty smell and odor, which not only affects the aesthetics of the layout space but is also bad for the health of users. To remove the moldy smell on the interior with plywood, you can apply 5 simple ways below.

1. Use coffee grounds or charcoal

If your wardrobe, dining table, dressing table, etc., made of plywood with drawer designs, you can put coffee or charcoal residues inside. These 2 materials not only help clean up every "corner" of the interior, but also have an effective deodorizing effect.

2. Polish with sand and repaint

Furniture made of plywood or natural wood must be periodically polished. This not only brings fresh, shiny beauty to the interior but also has the effect of deodorizing mold moisture. Even if the interior is made from water-resistant boards, do not forget to apply a waterproof, anti-humidity coating after polishing to protect the interior from the effects of water, moisture, etc.

3. Hang the interior in the sun

Absolutely can take advantage of sunlight to clean and deodorize the interior of plywood. You can bring the furniture to the front porch to bask in the sun, however, do not expose it too long in the intense sunlight because it can affect the durability of the interior, causing the interior to crack, fade.

4. Reduce room humidity

High humidity in the room is a leading cause of unpleasant moisture on the interior of plywood, especially the kitchen, dining room or bathroom. Due to the characteristics of wood in general and plywood in particular are susceptible to termites, bacteria attack; Easy to absorb water and moisture; easy to absorb food smell, chemical smell, ... therefore, should actively reduce the humidity in the room, and use furniture with water-resistant and moisture-resistant industrial boards to eliminate these conditions.

5. Clean the interior regularly

Regularly clean the interior by dusting, cleaning, and decorating the interior in a cool, dry place to prevent bacteria, termites have the opportunity to enter, reproduce and grow, causing damage. hiccups and an unpleasant odor.

With the above 5 ways, you can prevent or minimize uncomfortable mold and moisture on the interior of plywood, contributing to a clean, beautiful and safe living space.

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