What kind of plywood should be made?

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What kind of plywood should be made?

In order to have the right choice of types of plywood used to make table tops, we need to rely on factors such as durability, aesthetics, cost, design and application ... What kind of plywood tabletop we will refer to some suggestions and analysis in the following article.

1. MDF board covered with Melamine

This type of wood is pureed wood, the advantage is very smooth surface, glossy and flat. Plywood table of this type is neither too smooth nor too rough, very convenient during use. Especially, if made of high quality melamine MDF board, the table also has good resistance to moisture and termite resistance. This option is suitable for use as a table top for offices of high-class divisions such as the manager, director, etc.

2. MFC board covered Melamin

This board is made of sawdust wood, the outer surface is covered with textures and looks quite nice. In addition, its advantages are light weight so it is suitable for making office desks, computer desks with compact size, durability requirements are not high.

3. PVC board

This is a high-end board line with a part made of PVC mixed with wood pulp. This option is extremely suitable if you want to have a long working table set because the board has good moisture resistance, heat resistance, extremely durable in the warm tropical climate in Vietnam. , even its lifespan can last up to several decades.

However, its disadvantage is the relatively high price, so if you only need to make regular office desks, the investment cost is not high, it is not necessary to choose this type. PVC board is more suitable for use as high-end office desks or study desks, working from home with high durability requirements.

4. Wood veneer board

As a board made from thin natural wood panels, the advantage of it is that it owns extremely natural and eye-catching ridges. However, it should be noted that normally the veneer table surface will only have the top layer made from this material, while the bottom will be industrial boards, helping to create the necessary thickness for the table surface. The disadvantage of veneer veneer is that it is easy to be scratched and peeled off, so the service life is quite short, as well as does not guarantee long-term aesthetics. Therefore, it is only suitable for making office desks, not suitable for use as student desks because of the hyperactive nature of children, the table will be quickly broken.

So, hopefully, with the above share, you have the best answer for yourself about what kind of plywood to make a table. To be provided with quality plywood with the most competitive price, contact us today.

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