Note when using plywood to make partitions

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Note when using plywood to make partitions

Using plywood to divide partitions is not too strange in construction and modern interior design, especially townhouses or apartments. Our sharing below will guide readers on how to choose the most appropriate and ideal type of plywood to make partitions, making the living space more aesthetic and convenient.

Plywood or industrial plywood is considered an innovative product in the wood industry. They are made from different pieces of wood, linked with Phenol Formaldehyde glue or other specialized glue and then pressed under high pressure and temperature.

Due to the use of different wood materials, plywood is classified into hardwood plywood and softwood plywood. Besides, based on the characteristics, properties, applications, plywood is also divided into water-resistant boards, moisture-resistant boards, film-coated boards, ... offering many choices for users.

For plywood to make partitions, they are classified into common plywood partitions, film-faced plywood partitions, structural plywood partitions. Therefore, before deciding on which plywood partition type to choose, the following factors should be considered.

Space used

If the space used does not require fussy, meticulous as well as does not require plywood to be resistant to moisture, water, then you can choose the usual plywood partition because at this time, the partition only closes. role is to divide this space from that space,

On the contrary, if the partition panel plays a role of separating and being a decorative element at the same time, it is advisable to choose a plywood panel of film-coated plywood formwork and sophisticated sculpture to make the space more impressive and unique.

Investment costs

Plywood partitions are considered to be an effective saving solution, with partitions that can simply separate one space from another and create the necessary privacy. To save money, you should buy partitions from cheap plywood. They still ensure the role of dividing the space without having to spend as much as when using glass or brick walls.

Installation location

Plywood partition is only suitable for dry, cool areas such as living room, bedroom, office, etc. If used to make kitchen partitions, toilets or frequently used spaces conditioning, should use partitions from water-resistant, moisture-resistant, heat-resistant industrial boards to increase durability and longevity for plywood partitions.

With the above notes, it will be easier for you to choose plywood partitions for the house, both to save costs and to create a convenient living space.

Le Trinh

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